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Holiday Happiness

It’s the most wonderful time of year again. We feel so blessed for a healthier December, and hopefully it stays that way. Naaman has a funny trick of spiking a fever to hang in the hospital and get discharged Christmas Eve. Praying to not repeat that for the third year in the row. Cheeky and Deanie Many of you reading this are in need of support this year, and many of you reading this are

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Paying It Forward drop off

Naaman did a great job at clinic today. He made counts and was well enough to have his LP and chemo.  This makes Day 1 of Cycle 7, still rolling until November 2021. He needs oxygen every LP, but otherwise has done well breathing on his own when he is sedated. And guess what dropped today?! Naaman dropped off a BIG box of super cute, cozy grippy socks from Resilience Gives. You’ll have to wait

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Happy Halloween

Mary and Peter Parker Hope you had a fun, safe Halloween! Mary (and Baby Jesus) and Spider-Man stayed close to home but had lots of candy and treats – thanks to friends and family. We have colds running through our house again, but are otherwise healthy and avoiding surprises. Be well, Team Naaman!

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Good chemo day

Naaman had a long, but successful day in clinic yesterday. Clowns, animal cookies, socially-distanced friends, and new Spiderman Jammies. He started back up steroids and the clinical trial drug, and every cycle has a surprise effect on him. So far it seems this round is sleepy and destructive by day, awake and wild by night. Flu shots are out, so get yours! Naaman got his yesterday, too, and thanks to this cute little tool the

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Chemo day tomorrow

A few colds and coughs haven’t kept Cheeky down! While we have been staying close to home, he has been enjoying school and playing with Deanie – especially outside. And a special visit from his friends at Meriden PD, too! Thank you again, MPD.  Thursday is a chemo day for him, a longer day in clinic.  Not an LP day, though – that will be next month. We are happy when he can resume chemo

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Resuming chemo and continuing Cycle 6

Naaman made counts on Thursday to have his LP done and resume chemo, continuing along Cycle 6 of long-term maintenance. He’s been moody and sleepy (and hungry) this round of steroids.  This time it’s strawberries, orange juice, and pancakes!  We are grateful to avoid the hospital this weekend, and are trying so hard to keep him healthy.  Last fall-winter as a tough time for him with pneumonia and bronchiolitis, but now he has daily inhalers

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Not appendicitis

A happy Cheeky Another whirlwind weekend at Smilow. Naaman was picked up early school Friday with a fever of 101 and abdominal pain. By the time he got home, he was 103 and miserable. He got straight into the clinic and started antibiotics.  Scans later that night showed an inflamed appendix, and surgery was scheduled for the morning. Plot twist… In the morning, the surgery team took one look at this happy Cheeky and decided

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Naaman admitted; Closer to Free Ride

Good morning, Team Naaman. If anyone did not yet hear, Naaman had to be admitted yesterday to start IV antibiotics and get more disciplines checking out that infected finger. He’s been there two days, and hoping for discharge today. The great news is that the team feels it is staph or strep that got under the nail and caused infection. He is fever-free and both fingers are looking better. Derm and Infectious Disease are happy

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