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Bronchiolitis and ER visit

Naaman’s cold took a turn yesterday (Thursday) and morphed into a gross cough and some green snot – and then a fever of 100.5 just before bedtime.  Hoping to avoid the war zone at Yale New Haven Hospital, we tried to negotiate with the on-call doctor, but there was no winning.  As long as he is in active chemo, he has to head to the ER for a fever over 100.4.   His nurse friends were

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Home and happy

Hello, Team Naaman! As The Johnson Academy hosted its ribbon-cutting ceremony and launched its first week, we are a few days in delay of updates. (In case you aren’t sensing our cheekiness… we have been busy adapting to distance learning.) Last Thursday, 3/12/20, Naaman had an LP and chemo. Things went very smoothly and according to plan. What’s more, we got our chemo in and onc visit so that, sparing any surprises, we can wait

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Did you know…

Hello, Team Naaman? Did you know that Mr. Naaman turned 3 last Friday???? Yea! We have photos and fun to share from his birthday celebrations, but are kicking off a “Did You Know…” post for some new updates. Here we go! The Pink Ladies of Wallingford, CT help patients and their families affected by cancer of all kinds.  100% of their collected donations go straight to the families as they are composed entirely of volunteers.  Thank

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Don’t miss out! Lots of news…

Hello, Team Naaman! As promised, here is a post with important news you won’t want to miss.  We know not everyone is on social media, and we don’t want anyone left out of the party. Team Naaman News: *Come ride for The 2020 Cycle Against Cancer! The Connecticut Cancer Foundation (CCF) does awesome work for kids and adults affected by cancer. One way they help is by raising money through cycling events, and Naaman was

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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s, Team Naaman. Hoping you all enjoyed some Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!) fun. Naaman continued PT this week with Miss Emily.  His stamina has been good but still working on the same weakness in his legs and tightness in his ankles.  Honestly, it will be like this through all of treatment, and that’s why we go to PT! He likes putting stickers on his homework chart, which currently includes going up and down

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Birth-to-Three Graduate

Cheeky did it! He officially “graduates” from the Birth-to-Three program on his third birthday, 2/28/2020; however today he had his final consult.  Although he continues to need physical therapy as outpatient therapy, he did not qualify for the special education preschool in Meriden Public Schools. (We went to a screening last week, and the evaluators thoroughly enjoyed him!) What’s next for the graduate? Well, don’t regress, Cheeky, or else we will have to contact the

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Count check OK

Good Saturday morning, Team Naaman.  I hope you are curled up with the Today show and coffee (that is still hot) like me. This is an extremely rare occurrence and I’m basking in it. Anyway, we are here for updates! Naaman had a count check on Thursday.  WBC down, but everything else still okay.  We are on edge over here with so much flu and respiratory illness going around, but trying to stay positive.  That

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Breakdown of an LP Day: Part Deux

Team Naaman. Thanks for the heartfelt feedback on our last post.  Your comments lift us up! We were going for enlightenment, not pity or sadness, so hopefully it hit the right target. That being said, who’s ready to move on to The Clinic Part? Let’s start in the parking garage. It took us a while but we are now Pro Status Air Rights Garage participants.  The entrance to the Smilow parking area is a bit

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