Our son Naaman was diagnosed with Leukemia in the Summer of 2018. This is his journal.

Latest Journal Update

Naaman's Story

One day our child was enjoying life like any other when in an instant everything changed. On July 26th our adorable son, Naaman, was diagnosed with Leukemia, devastating family and friends and rallying support for his cause.  This is his journal of survival and hopeful recovery.

Why we created TeamNaaman.com

Initially we started using CaringBridge as a private journal for family and friends but felt there was more to say. If Naaman’s story could add hope and guidance  to those who may go through the same situation it would make this website worth it. 

To Journal.

We started this website to continue our journal to share his story, his struggles and his triumphs with Leukemia with family and friends and have enxtended it to show the public as well. 

To Inform.

We hope that providing information not just about procedures but about the day to day life with Leukemia we may help those who may be in the same situation as us in the future. 

To Support.

Leukemia takes a toll on a family not just  psychologically but monitarily. Incomes are lost due to taking time off and costs add up quick, even with good insurance. We use this website to help support our family’s needs during this time. 

Something to share?

We would love to hear from you whether you have a story to tell, want to send Naaman wishes, or just want to say hi. 

How to get informed about Leukemia

Learning about Leukemia is more than just learning about the procedures and medical terminology. It is about learning how to cope with it and how to build a support network to  help in your time of need. 

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Feel the urge to help?

We are overwhelmed and appreciative of all the help everyone has given, not just monetarily but also of their time. The GoFundMe account listed below was set up by family to assist with our needs during this time.