Sixth month post-infusion date is coming up!

Happy Summer, officially! Naaman is enjoying his summer and is very proud to be a “kindergartener” now.  He will start at Israel Putnam in the fall, getting on the bus with his big sister!

We are focused on what he can do this summer instead of the camps and places he can’t go. Therefore, he is headed to Prince and Princess Dance Camp next week, is a regular at library storytime, and can finally roll in the grass without worrying about pulling his NG tube.  One of his favorite things to do so far is go to (free!) school lunch at Putnam and play on the playground afterwards with his future classmates. 

Nadine got her library card!
Gamers gonna game.

Naaman’s SIX MONTH post-infusion procedures at CHOP will be July/August.  Six months is a great, positive milestone that the cells should continue to work.  Please keep praying for Cheeky.  

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