I love kindergarten

He made it!

Naaman started kindergarten. He loves the bus, school lunch, his classmates, and his teacher, Mr. Meredith (who also had Nadine three years ago). He is so motivated to learn and make friends. We are so proud of him!

We are especially glad he was able to start the year with no NG tube and no Broviac IV. That’s right: he worked so hard to get both of them out before the first day of school! We still can’t believe it.  He will need a plan in place to keep him healthy but it’s refreshing not to need special arrangements to keep those lines safe at school.

Naaman still needs immunotherapy for the rest of his life, still has weekly PT/OT, and still has monthly bloodwork at Yale and follow up at CHOP every three months (for now). But starting school on time is  huge milestone for him and we are so happy.

Thank you to Cancer Kids First for a giant delivery of adorable cards!
Home from his first day like a big kid!

3 thoughts on “I love kindergarten”

  1. It was wonderful to read about his progress and the start of kindergarten! Sending congratulations, love & prayers for continued wellness, happiness and positive school experiences!

  2. This is such wonderful news! I’m so happy to see his sweet little face without tubes and for some normality in his life.

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