Six Month Checkpoint!

Nailed it

He made it to six months! Naaman’s spinal fluid and bone marrow continue to show NO cancer cells, and his CAR-T (ninja) cells are still doing their job. Hooray!

Yay! What's next?

  1. Naaman should have his Broviac IV line removed on August 8. Wow! 
  2. He will need immunotherapy for the REST of his life.  It will be delivered at clinic or home, details to come once we choose the right therapy for him. Both are not awesome, but keep him healthy and otherwise living a normal life.
  3.  No vaccines, forever. Flu and COVID have been proven safe, but no other immunizations.  (If you are able to get immunized for the usual things like measles, chicken pox, etc. PLEASE DO! You are keeping others well, too.)
  4. Naaman will be monitored at Yale and go to CHOP for 9 and 12 month checks (That’s October and January).
  5. And kindergarten this fall! Thank you Friends of Karen for the back to school swag box! The shrieks of joy could be heard down the street. 
Ready for K and 3rd grade!

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