Still doing great

April 2021
April 2022

Hello, Team Naaman! Naaman is enjoying school and home life, still doing well post-humanized CAR-T.  He gets tired easily and hasn’t escaped colds and coughs, but overall is feeling great.  This photo side-by-side shows how far he’s come since last year.  Today he can walk, talk, and eat: things he could not do on his own last April. He is getting closer to taking out the NG tube and we hope the IV will be out before the summer. He really wants a bubble bath!

Thank you all as always for constant prayer and well-wishes for our little guy. 

4 thoughts on “Still doing great”

  1. I took a few minutes to look back at Naaman’s Journal from a year ago, specifically the latter part of March and beginning of April and all I can say is God is Good! Thanks to all the doctors and specialists who have helped Cheeky. Thanks to your CT family and friends who have helped the best they could with Nadine and checking on the house.

    ..and thanks to God for giving Naaman and Nadine such awesome parents!

    Prayers and love to you every day!
    Nonni and Papa

  2. Sweet boy! He’s grown so much from last year to this year too. We are praying you get to play in a bubble bath soon buddy!! We love you, Naaman!

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