Brief Admission for Fevers

Fevers suggest the cells are working...

and fevers also suggest infection or CRS (dangerous reaction with neurological effects).  Naaman spiked a few fevers to pass the threshold requiring admission. One quick spike to 100.5 is not an admission per CHOP rules, but three “lower” fevers or one sharp spike mandates admission.

Thankfully, he coursed through the fevers Sunday overnight (yes, 4 am ED visit) through Monday afternoon discharge. He just slept, watched TV, and snuggled.  We are grateful no fevers since a tiny one last night. He went to PT today and has been playing like his normal, zany self.

Inpatient was interesting...

it’s been interesting to see how another hospital does things.  Overall, the similarities are striking.  For example, it’s like everyone uses those transformer couches (couch-bed-table).  CHOP oncology inpatient has a Family Room sponsored by Ronald McDonald House that is a ray of sunshine for parents. Coffee bar, laundry, clean place to read or work, and fridge to store personal food.  So donate that change when you order your McDonald’s! 

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  1. Hello. I haven’t seen an update in a while. I’m continuing prayer and seeking God’s peace that passes all understanding for Naaman and All-In-One his family. I am certain there is little more I can do than prayer but if you have a suggested need, please let me know and I will do my best. In Jesus love always, Margie

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