Counting down

It’s less than a week now before Naaman begins pre-CAR-T treatment at CHOP. Next Monday 1/17, Naaman and Mama will head down by train to move into our apartment and get to our first appointment. Neil and Nadine will be down to visit most likely the next weekend.  Hopefully no more surprise 10″ of snow!  Cheeky has been healthy and happy, and is getting excited for his adventure.

We hope the Three Kings stopped by your house, too last week. The greedy camels ate all of the grass and made a mess. They left some cool regalitos, though! 

Lastly, a spotlight on the bravest big sister who deals with all of this like it’s just part of having a little brother. She will be featured as Sibling of the Month by Friends of Karen – share the details as soon as they go live.

6 thoughts on “Counting down”

  1. Awww, Nadine is getting so big and is gorgeous just like her Mama. I’continue to pray fir you all. Love you. – Kathy

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