Merry Christmas from Team Naaman

Wishing our friends and family all over the globe a blessed holiday.

This year was another different Christmas, but still a happy one. Our first blessing was avoiding a tibia fracture! Naaman took a spill and couldn’t put weight on his right leg. By day two of no walking, we took him in for an X-ray. (Once again, Yale New Haven Children’s ED – you are awesome and so caring.) Thankfully, no fracture, but he still had trouble walking for a few more days. He’s not 100% but ambulating nonetheless.

Christmas cuteness at YNHH ED!

Naaman can’t travel (except for treatment) or do big parties, so we planned to stay close to home anyway. Next, we found out Nadine was a close contact at school and need to quarantine through 12/28! She’s fully vaccinated, but wasn’t two weeks past her second dose yet, so all holiday plans were cancelled.

We are certainly grateful to be home for Christmas, even though it’s quieter than expected. If Naaman ended up doing the BMT, we would likely still have been inpatient at Yale right now.   (More on his upcoming CHOP visit below.)  Nadine and Naaman enjoyed the fire in the fireplace, Spanish food, Harry Potter movies, and presents at home. We hope your holiday was as warm and cozy as ours.

"Hiding" to wait for Santa...
Kirk the Koala...

In addition to our families, friends like family, and our neighbors, many organizations made Christmas happen this year.  Arms Wide Open, Circle of CareFight For Two, The Tommy FundFriends of Karen , and I am sure more that we owe gratitude.  Gifts for the kids, gift cards for food and gifts, covering bills. When you give to groups like these, please know you truly are impacting kids’ lives! Thank you!

And lastly…

Coming to CHOP soon...

Naaman’s CAR-T infusion date is set. He starts pre-infusion treatment on Tuesday 1/18/22, and the infusion will be 1/25/22. He will remain local for about six weeks minimum while CHOP monitors him outpatient.  If all is clear, we get to go home and return often to CHOP for check-ups.  CHOP helped us locate and fund an apartment within walking distance to the outpatient clinic. 

Wishing you all a healthy Happy 2022, including a cancer-free Naaman. Happy New Year! Leaving you with a throwback to three years ago…

Christmas YNHH 2018

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, all things considered. We miss you and love you all so much. I cannot wait until the next time we can see you. Stay happy, healthy, and safe as you prepare for CHOP. Praying for you every day!

  2. Glad Naaman is okay. Holidays at Yale are tough despite how wonderful everyone is there. Stay strong and know that you have us all praying for your little warrior. May happiness and health be with you in the coming year. Have hopeSending hugs❤️

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