Humanized CAR-T is a go!

Answered prayer: the decision was clear that humanized CAR-T is the best next step for Naaman.  We had a successful consult at CHOP and will know dates and details once Naaman is scheduled.  We will return to Philly to sign consent for the clinical trial, draw blood cultures, and (hopefully in the same trip) collect a sample to make the CAR-T.

What is humanized CAR-T?

It is different than the CAR-T Naaman already did in that the T-cells are trained to be more human-like than mouse-like. That caught your attention, right? If you want to know the science stuff, read more here: CHOP

Why not BMT?

A bone marrow transplant has a high risk of liver effects.  Naaman already has had liver failure and is an even higher risk for liver problems. Liver failure again could lead to liver transplant with poor prognosis.

That being said, we are so glad to have another option, especially one within driving distance.

When you're feeling grouchy about wearing a mask...

…remember you’re making it safer for this guy to venture in public. He doesn’t frequent many public places but it’s nice for him to pop into the store to browse the Lego aisle or pick out some chips for clinic once in a while. He will be in a mask long after the general population gets to toss theirs. When you’re unvaccinated and going maskless at the store, when you are just tired of wearing one, consider it a favor to the little man!

Thanks for the love and prayer, Team Naaman. Go Bills – and if they aren’t playing Buffalo that day – as Naaman says, “Go Skeletons.”

2 thoughts on “Humanized CAR-T is a go!”

  1. Oh thank you Jesus. I have been waiting all week to hear the news about your Philly visit. Thank you so much for sharing. He is always the first person on my nightly prayer list.

    Much love, Cozz

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