CHOP-bound tomorrow for Humanized CAR-T

Our last warm autumn day at the playground

Cheeky made it: this is his humanized CAR-T collection week at CHOP. Monday night we will drive down for Tuesday full of appointments. He will enroll in the study, do bloodwork, doctor exam, and meet the anesthesia team.

Technically, this is Naaman’s third collection.  (He needed to repeat a collection at Smilow when he got sick and contaminated the sample. ) Wednesday at CHOP will be a different experience because it’s completely outpatient. He should have the line placed in his neck under anesthesia very early Wednesday morning, head to the clinic for the collection, and have the line pulled by the end of the day. Back to the hotel to sleep and head home Thursday.

Please be praying for continued health for a clean, smooth collection, and of course, for this set of ninja cells to be tough!

Happy Chanukah, and a hopeful start to Advent, Team Naaman!

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