BMT Planning Update

Quick update on transplant planning…


Naaman’s donors are getting set. There’s two ready, but prep and travel are being arranged.  If all goes as planned, Naaman would be admitted the week of 11/15 for the transplant.

While Naaman’s not a candidate to do the same CAR-T again, he may be a candidate for another type called humanized CAR-T.  We still have a lot to consider.

Results from last week...

  • Brain MRI shows no new lesions and previous ones stayed the same.
  • LP showed clear CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) which means no cancer cells have made it there.
  • No cancer in the bone marrow either.
  • B cells are increasing pretty quick, so it’s definite that the CAR-T didn’t work.

It’s HUGE news that the cancer is still in remission. Otherwise, Naaman would have to get through another round of relapse chemo treatment (like last spring) before he could even start the transplant.  His body did not take relapse chemo well at all, and we are really trying to avoid it.


Keep praying, Team Naaman. We hope to have more news soon.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We continue to pray for you all daily. Loved the video of the assembly of the new playset and the kids playing. It is good Cheeky is stable for now and has options for future treatment. We love you! ❤

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