Hello, Team Naaman. Football season is upon us and we hope you’re ready. Naaman can’t wait to watch “Josh Allen the superhero” and Tom Brady play for “the pirates.”


IVIG today...

Naaman had therapy and clinic today. A typical clinic visit consists of a Broviac IV dressing change, cap change for the IV lines, and IV meds if needed. Today he needed intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG) which puts antibodies back in him. He has such a weak immune system right now that when immunoglobulins drop too low, he needs treatment. This IVIG took about three hours and he tolerated it fine.

What's next?

  • Next week, Naaman will have another LP/bone marrow aspirate to check for cancer cells.
  • Soon Naaman will have another MRI of his brain and a chest CT. If there’s no clots, we hope to be off heparin shots. Currently, he is down to one injection per day, which we sleathily do when he is fast asleep (and subsequently having the worst dream ever).
  • He still can’t go to school, have playdates, or go into public places except for uncrowded outdoor things like a hike. It’s getting more challenging to keep him busy with no playmates and limited destinations.  He’s a pretty cheerful guy but even he knows he is missing out right now.  

 You may have noticed it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month. There are two awesome rides going on in September: Closer to Free for Smilow Cancer Center AND The Great Cycle Challenge for childhood cancers specifically. Neil is riding for Great Cycle Challenge! Ride or get involved by clicking here

We saw lots of Closer to Free and Great Cycle riders on the canal trail!

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