Bone Marrow Transplant

 We didn’t quite make it to the three month marker for CAR-T. Naaman has not relapsed but his B cells are rising which means the team wants to move to a bone marrow transplant.

His B cells needed to be zero, as increasing B cells suggests the T cells aren’t working. The B cells went from zero to 1, and now 146.  While lots of things need to be considered, the bone marrow transplant protocol was already activated because that’s most likely his best option to finally be cancer-free. 

Naaman has five to ten 100% matches in the system.  The team is contacting them now and will choose 1-2 people.  Naaman would be infused in November. The actual transplant isn’t long but the hospitalization and isolation at home are long and rigorous.  Once we know more, we will share his plans. 

Some roses…

Naaman is down to just THREE MEDS by NG tube… and (gah!) no more injections! These things crossed off Naaman’s list will come back later, but to stop them for now is a relief.   Tube feeds are still going, but he seems to somehow like being tube fed now. *shrug*

Naaman is cleared to make some safe public appearances (i.e. Target run on a quiet day) and playdates with healthy friends in vaccinated families. In fact, the team encourages us to do as much as we safely can now as the BMT isolation will be around six months. Luckily his playset from Roc Solid Foundation is up! We are almost photo-ready to show everyone.

This is crushing news for us. Please pray for Naaman’s B cells to stop increasing, and for him to tolerate the protocol we start up next.

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  1. Oh sweetie Naaman is at the top of my prayer list each night. I will send love and sunlight your way. I am so sorry you are going through this. Much love, Joanne

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