Roc Solid Foundation

This is top secret: don’t tell Naaman or Nadine.  In a few weeks, we will have a playset in the backyard! Roc Solid Foundation is an organization based out of Virginia to help children with cancer still have fun.

They provide Ready Bags in the hospital and playsets at home.  (Locally, Circle of Care provides these ready bags – they’re awesome).  If you’re located in Virginia/North Carolina, the Roc Solid team comes to you with a super fun building party.  For long distance families, they ship the playset to you.  Amazing, right? Even during this season of limited supply, they have provided for kids with cancer.  Since Naaman is homebound for the foreseeable future, this playset is going to rock his world! 

We have to cut up the yard and build it, but the playset is delivered to us completely free. We still don’t understand how this magic is possible. The resources available from generous, selfless people – it’s astonishing.  Our playset was made possible by Allstate Insurance.

Check them out! Click here or visit

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  1. Thanks for the exciting news ! It’s amazing to see how God is providing for your family. We walk by Faith not by sight. Praising God for all His many blessings on your Family, may they continue.

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