Day 30 Update

It's already been a month since CAR-T infusion!

Naaman had a bone marrow aspirate and lumbar puncture on Wednesday to monitor his progress at Day 30.   

Waking up from sedation...

Naaman needs to do his procedures that require sedation in the OR, due to his respiratory issues in the past.  At Day 30, 60, 90 and so on, he will have his bone marrow and spinal fluid checked to be sure the ninja cells are at work.

Impressive news so far: spinal fluid and bone marrow are clear! He was bleeding a little more than normal at home, so he also went back to clinic Friday for a check, which came out OK.  We are also delighted that he can reduce his heparin injections to once per day instead of twice! This is HUGE for us, since he obviously hates shots and we manage the p.m. shot while he is asleep at night. 

This is GREAT news, however...

90% of CAR-T patients are clear at Day 30. Success drops to 60% around six months. The team is readying donors for a bone marrow transplant just in case.

Good luck to all of our back-to-school friends! We will have some fun news to share soon about keeping our Cheeky busy at home while he waits for his “first day of school” this year.

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