CAR-T recovery at home

Naaman continues to recover from the CAR-T infusion at home. He is walking, using the potty, and tolerates tube feedings.  He has his counts checked twice weekly at clinic and does PT/OT virtually at home.  No public places, no social visits, just home with immediate family. While he hasn’t needed any blood or platelet transfusions yet, he has no immune system. Even a little cold virus could do a lot of damage right now. The rest of us have to be cautious about handwashing and cleaning to help Cheeky stay well.  

What's next?

On 8/18, Naaman will have another bone marrow aspirate to check how things look. That will signal if the T-cells are working. So far, his labs show they are doing their job.

His bone marrow will be checked at three months, six months, and so on. By six months we should have a clearer picture if he needs a bone marrow transplant.  In the meantime, Naaman has to stay home with just immediate family.

Indefinitely, Naaman is a not allowed to spend time with unvaccinated families. His transplant team has advised our entire household to follow this precaution.  (If you have questions about this, please send Neil or Nicole a message.  We talked at length with the team and it is logical, evidence-based and safest for him.)

Thank you...

Nothing we can say will adequately qualify how grateful we are for our Team Naaman community. We are surprised daily. Someone reaches out with well-wishes or sends a card.  We know God provides, but it’s still a shock over the organizations that have helped us financially.


  • The Tommy Fund
  • Boxer Capital
  • Circle of Care 


We are grateful for you, Team Naaman.

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  1. Thank you for the update. We are praying this will be the cure. YOU are an amazing family. I love you all.

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