August 2021

Roc Solid Foundation

This is top secret: don’t tell Naaman or Nadine.  In a few weeks, we will have a playset in the backyard! Roc Solid Foundation is an organization based out of Virginia to help children with cancer still have fun. They provide Ready Bags in the hospital and playsets at home.  (Locally, Circle of Care provides these […]

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Day 30 Update

It’s already been a month since CAR-T infusion! Naaman had a bone marrow aspirate and lumbar puncture on Wednesday to monitor his progress at Day 30.    Waking up from sedation… Naaman needs to do his procedures that require sedation in the OR, due to his respiratory issues in the past.  At Day 30, 60,

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CAR-T recovery at home

Naaman continues to recover from the CAR-T infusion at home. He is walking, using the potty, and tolerates tube feedings.  He has his counts checked twice weekly at clinic and does PT/OT virtually at home.  No public places, no social visits, just home with immediate family. While he hasn’t needed any blood or platelet transfusions

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