Home from CAR-T infusion

Naaman is home! He got to come home Friday, which was Day 10. Still no overt symptoms of the scary side effects, except sharp and strong mood swings.

What's next?

Naaman’s counts will continue to drop as the T-cells do their job. He stays home and his only outing is clinic (not even in-person PT/OT just yet. 

He will be seen in clinic a few times per week and have his counts checked. He will have another bone marrow aspirate around 8/17 to ensure B cells = 0.  If the ninja T-cells are working, they will kill all his B-cells. That means he will need monthly transfusions in clinic of immunoglobulins to give him some immune system back.

Yesterday he played outside happily but today he just wants to chill on the couch. Praying for continued healing and healthy home life!

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  1. What a joy and blessing to see him home and all of you together!!! Continued prayers for continued improvement!!!!

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