Ready to become a ninja!

Yesterday was Day 0 for Naaman! He was admitted last Thursday for chemo and was ready for infusion Tuesday. 

One of his nurses, Molly, made him his special shirt. He was cool as a cucumber, completely unfazed by the 20 people administering/observing the infusion.  It took just 15 minutes for that tiny, mighty bag to drop.  


That tiny bag has 200 million ninja T cells!

Naaman will be inpatient for at least 10 more days to monitor closely for neurological symptoms and cytokine release syndrome.  Side effects can be intense, but also can be temporary.  We are hoping for minimal symptoms as his body acclimates to the cells. Every day he is evaluated by the neurology and transplant teams.  

In ten days, we will know if he is safe to come home.  Knowing Naaman, he will be there longer than 10 days. Even when he comes home, he will be highly susceptible to infection and will have appointments several times per week to check him. 

Oblivious to a crowd of 20 people

Thank you for continued prayer and well-wishes for our Cheeky!

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