Admission this Thursday

Getting some fresh air on the Green downtown

Cheeky has been out and about as much as possible, soaking up fresh air before his big admission this Thursday. His collected cells are growing great at Novartis and will arrive at Yale New Haven Thursday.  He will get some meds and hang for a few days, and will start infusion of the T-cells on Monday 7/19. 

Naaman still isn’t eating and fine motor skills are super delayed, but he can walk now. He’s a pretty sweet dancer, too. We are hoping he feels well enough while he’s in the hospital to keep up PT and OT. During his eight week admission when he relapsed, Naaman was so sick that he stopped eating and walking and lost skills. 

Thursday admission. Monday infusion. At least a few weeks inpatient to monitor for side effects. The side effects can be intense and severe, so Naaman needs to be closely watched.  Kymriah, the CAR-T treatment, may cause scary things like excessively high fever or neurological effects, and his immune system is wiped out.  Read more here.

We will keep you posted, Team Naaman!

5 thoughts on “Admission this Thursday”

  1. Praying for you Naaman! You are a real Superhero! We love you to the Moon and Back! ‍♂️‍♂️⭐❤
    Aunt Nat, Uncle Dom, and Dani

  2. We are praying for Naaman to be strong through this all and for God to give him strenght for this treatnent. And that it will work and Naaman will be healed! We are also praying for you all. To be strong for Naaman and give attention to Nadine as well. We love you guys. Don’t forget we are just around the corner if you ever need anything.

    1. Naaman & your family are the most resilient, strong people I have ever been blessed to know. You are so loved & I’m praying for you all so hard! If anyone can turn this trial into a testimony, it’s you, little man! We love you!

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