July 2021

Home from CAR-T infusion

Naaman is home! He got to come home Friday, which was Day 10. Still no overt symptoms of the scary side effects, except sharp and strong mood swings. What’s next? Naaman’s counts will continue to drop as the T-cells do their job. He stays home and his only outing is clinic (not even in-person PT/OT […]

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Almost ready to go home

Naaman is doing great with CAR-T as of today, Day 6.  His counts have dropped (they should with the infusion), he has diarrhea from the meds, and he has sharp mood swings. He isn’t spiking fevers or showing neurological symptoms which are the things we are most concerned about.  If Cheeky keeps up the good

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Ready to become a ninja! Yesterday was Day 0 for Naaman! He was admitted last Thursday for chemo and was ready for infusion Tuesday.  One of his nurses, Molly, made him his special shirt. He was cool as a cucumber, completely unfazed by the 20 people administering/observing the infusion.  It took just 15 minutes for

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Admission this Thursday

Getting some fresh air on the Green downtown Cheeky has been out and about as much as possible, soaking up fresh air before his big admission this Thursday. His collected cells are growing great at Novartis and will arrive at Yale New Haven Thursday.  He will get some meds and hang for a few days,

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NG tube troubles

Cheeky has been pretty happy playing at home, mostly inside during the heatwave. His NG tube is one factor keeping him from summer fun (second factor = Broviac external port) and his NG has behaved itself pretty well until today. His tube pulled out last night while he was sleeping since he sweats the tape

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