New viruses in the way

Naaman had a short ED visit yesterday. He has a cold and spiked a fever, which automatically sends us to the ED. Fortunately, he got some antibiotics and they sent us home, since he would be in the clinic the next day and could get the second dose of antibiotics, and he was otherwise doing okay.


Turns out he has two viruses:

  1. rhinovirus, which is the common cold
  2. human metapneumovirus, which is in the family of RSV, a more well-known respiratory virus. 

He’s had both before and they sometimes knock him off his feet, since he has no immune system. So far, he is a boogery mess but no fever since last night. We hope to find out tomorrow if this interferes with CAR-T collection next week.  

4 thoughts on “New viruses in the way”

  1. You all are in my prayers constantly and praying especially that the Lord will clear these infections up swiftly ❤

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