CAR-T Collection Complete

He did it!

Naaman scraped by with enough lymphocytes to start CAR-T again. He was admitted Wednesday, sat in bed with the apheresis machine for two days, had some chemo and procedures under sedations, and came home late Friday night. Phew!

Sorry, I’m not posting pictures here from his admission. He did way better than the photos look! Not for the faint of heart.


The cells go to Novartis on Monday and get trained for CAR-T.  Naaman will continue clinic checks and therapies until 7/9, when he should be admitted for infusion preparation. Infusion of the CAR-T cells starts Monday 7/12.  Naaman needs to stay healthy until then to avoid delays. 

And what happened with his wrist?

His fracture from last month is healing great (somehow).  Last week at his clinic check, they saw his skin around the brace red and disgusting so he went straight to the ortho. Naaman developed contact dermatitis from the brace, which is not a big deal in regular life, but could become a big deal for him. His wrist looked healed enough to keep the brace off if we wanted – and we did. We joke that Naaman looks worse on paper. Watching him play you wouldn’t realize the depth of things going on! And that’s a good thing. Praying for happy, safe playing at home until 7/9.

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  1. Thank you for the update. He is such a strong little boy. I’m always praying and I owe you a meal. Love to all.

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