Surgery tomorrow for a new central line

Naaman is getting a new port tomorrow.

He had an internal port, which was just removed due to infection.  The internal port required a needle access each time it was used, and also was a single lumen, meaning just one line of meds/fluid/chemo could go in at one time.  

Now that we’re high-rollers in relapse, we get a Broviac external port.  There’s a nice description of the Broviac here.

Pros: It’s always accessed so one less poke.  It is a double lumen so two meds/fluid/chemo can go in.

Cons: It’s always accessed so he will always have a line dangling from his chest. We aren’t supposed to lift him under the shoulders but he currently still can’t walk or stand.  *He can’t get it wet.*

We knew Naaman’s summer would be limited but this seals the deal on pools, splash pad and beaches.


If all goes well tomorrow...

Naaman should come home this week. That would give him a sweet little break before 5/24 admission for chemo and 5/31 CAR-T infusion. Keep praying, Team Naaman! 

8 thoughts on “Surgery tomorrow for a new central line”

  1. Thank God for less needles and a new port…praying for all infection to be completely clear and if course for Naaman to tolerate this new step towards his complete recovery. Praying for other summer activities to help keep him safe, happy and cool. And praying for Mommy, Daddy and Sister for energy and renewal!

  2. Jake Teitelbaum

    We got a puppy around the time I had my crentral line put in ( 3 dangling arms) and the puppy would always try to chew about infection risk!

    Anyways, thinking of you guys lots <3.

  3. Nonni and Papa

    Love and prayers for you as Cheeky and his family continue to find the right method to cure this wonderful boy. Please Lord, have mercy on this little boy. Amen!❤

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