CAR-T starting over

As we suspected, Naaman’s collection for CAR-T was found to be contaminated and can’t be used.  Refresher: he tested for staph (MSSA) the same day as collection, which prompted the port removal and surgery for an external Broviac central line.

What does that mean?

We start over! Naaman will be admitted 5/31 (Memorial Day) to have that temporary big line put in again, and stay for a few days of collection.  He was a champ last time, and we hope he will do the same again.  He has to stay pretty still in bed for 2-3 days so not to disturb the line, and the apheresis machine is daunting. 

He will have plenty of clinic visits and count checks to be sure he will yield enough in the collection and be healthy.  There are no risks to starting again otherwise.


Three weeks after collection (6/21 or so), he will be admitted for a long stay to infuse the trained T-cells.

Until then, Naaman is spending as much time outside and moving as he can.  He is working on standing up again, and we hope he will walk again before the long admission.

For now, crawling, tube feeds, and a backpack with IV meds. Caring for him at home is an arduous, two-man job, but we are still grateful to be home.

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