May 2021

Fractured Wrist

Sunday afternoon our expert crawler slipped and fractured his left wrist! He has a brace which he’s learning to deal with.  Instead of crawling now he sort of shuffles along on his knees and – yay – standing up a little. Thank goodness he is a righty! He has a follow up with the ortho

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CAR-T starting over

As we suspected, Naaman’s collection for CAR-T was found to be contaminated and can’t be used.  Refresher: he tested for staph (MSSA) the same day as collection, which prompted the port removal and surgery for an external Broviac central line. What does that mean? We start over! Naaman will be admitted 5/31 (Memorial Day) to

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Unexpected surgery today

Surprise surgery this afternoon. Naaman had to have his port removed and is using two IVs (one in each hand) for now. Naaman’s infection turned out to be a staph infection (MSSA) which he’s had quite recently before.  Unfortunately the infection lingered in his port which can happen sometimes with those super bug-type infections, even

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