Happy Easter!

Cuter than any droid I've met

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

Naaman will spend Easter at Smilow, but that won’t stop him from partying down. His counts have been trending up and that means he is more in the mood to go for walks in the stroller and play Legos and craft. It also means he is ready to think about coming home.

He'll come home with some new stuff...

  • NG tube for feeding
  • IV for antibiotics
  • Lovenox injections twice daily to prevent clotting

 He also can’t walk right now due to pain and neuropathy in his legs and feet. 

In about two weeks, he plans to start a new treatment that technically falls in the transplant category, but it’s not a bone marrow transplant. It’s a lot to explain, so stay tuned for details. 

Naaman the healed! 2 Kings 5:14

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