CAR-T collection complete but back in the hospital

Three days inpatient and CAR-T collection is done. Naaman’s numbers were lower than they wanted by Monday, but the team felt proceeding with collection was more important than the risk of waiting. As predicted, Monday he had surgery to put the big line in and Tuesday and Wednesday were collection days.Naaman couldn’t move much with the big line in his neck, and collection takes about four hours each sitting. Somehow he was in pretty good spirits until Wednesday when he had extra uncomfortable jobs to do, like removing the big line at bedside and de-accessing/re-accessing his port. Here is what it looks like, intentionally not a good view of the line in his neck (for those faint of heart)!

What's next?

Naaman was supposed to go home for a few weeks until the cells were ready for infusion. 

We were home after collection for about an hour when he spiked a fever and had to come back to the ED. He has a bacterial infection and will be here until at least next Wednesday.

We are discouraged, and concerned the cells collected are contaminated. Please pray he keeps his spirits up and both he and his cells collected are healthy.

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