April 2021

CAR-T cell therapy

Naaman made counts and is slated to begin CAR-T cell therapy Monday! We won’t go to great lengths explaining CAR-T cell here, but this is an excellent resource: NIH CAR-T cell therapy engineers the patient’s immune cells to fight their own cancer.  T-cells from Naaman are collected, taken to a lab in New Jersey called Novartis,

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Short admission and some news…

Tough transition home We were excited to come home the day after Easter, albeit with lots of homework to do. Between the injections, IV meds, and feeding pump – not to mention that Naaman can’t walk or stand – it was slated to be tough but doable.  Plus, Nadine and Naaman were just so happy

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Happy Easter!

Cuter than any droid I’ve met Happy Passover and Happy Easter! Naaman will spend Easter at Smilow, but that won’t stop him from partying down. His counts have been trending up and that means he is more in the mood to go for walks in the stroller and play Legos and craft. It also means

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