Rough start to Re-induction

Naaman is having a rough start to treatment for relapse. The first time it was called “induction,” and “re-induction” is uglier. Transfusions for low hemoglobin and platelets, delays in treatment to heal, and wiped out immune system.

His hair already fell back out. This is the fourth time.

He can hardly stand, and can sometimes take a few steps because it hurts.

He has sores (mucositis) in his mouth already.

Therefore, he won’t eat.

All of this together, he mostly wants to sleep or be snuggled.

Now we have eyes, lungs, skin on fungal watch with those departments.

So far, bone marrow looks good, and CSF is clear again. The verdict is out on a fungal infection. Naaman really is a tough guy.  Thank you everyone for prayer and well wishes, always.

4 thoughts on “Rough start to Re-induction”

  1. Praying constantly for him and your family. God give you strength, hope, and faith and you go through this most difficult time. We love you all!!

  2. We love you little warrior.. praying for strength over the whole family.. praying for healing.. wisdom for the drs and nurses over Naaman..

  3. The treatment really does a number on him. He is Hulk strong to fight this! Love, healing, and prayers for you.❤

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