Big day yesterday, waiting for results

Hello, Team Naaman. Thursday was a big day for Naaman. He didn’t have high enough counts for the necessary bone narrow biopsy to check for leukemia cells, but we had to press on to determine what is next for treatment.  His team worked very hard to make MANY things happen under one sedation: 

  • Bone marrow biopsy
  • Intrathecal (Spinal) chemo
  • Bronchoalvolar lavage (BAL) to check nodules
  • Eye exam to check lesions
  • Skin biopsy to check dark spots for leukemia on skin
  • Port reaccess (we change it weekly for safety and he hates it, so may as well do while asleep)
  • Arm IV put in (he has so many IV things he needs another access point)

He tolerated everything pretty well, just the normal respiratory issues he has every sedation.  We won’t know results of everything for at least a few days. So far it looks like spinal fluid was clear, and that’s exciting. We will keep everyone posted and hope to be planning to come home soon. 

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