March 2021

A long week for Naaman

Last Saturday on March 20 everything was slowly moving along towards what looked like us going home soon. Then on Sunday night after an CT scan revealed two clots in Naaman’s liver and intestines, everything changed.  Blood clots Naaman was moved to the ICU to immediately on Sunday the 21st to begin treatment with Heparin […]

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Slow to update…

Sleepy guy A lot has been happening with Naaman, seeming to change every day or hour, for that matter. The chemo is going a good job of killing the cancer cells, but the side effects are really rough.  Leukemia cells in his left eye, aggressive diarrhea, sores and blisters on his bottom from diarrhea, another

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Rough start to Re-induction

Naaman is having a rough start to treatment for relapse. The first time it was called “induction,” and “re-induction” is uglier. Transfusions for low hemoglobin and platelets, delays in treatment to heal, and wiped out immune system. His hair already fell back out. This is the fourth time. He can hardly stand, and can sometimes

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