Results from Thursday are back!

Naaman has to lay flat for 30 minutes after the LP to avoid a headache.

Answered prayers from Naaman’s LP last Thursday: all labs show there are no cancer cells in the spinal fluid. Amen! Initially, they saw WBC (white blood cells) in the sample again, but we waited until they sent for additional testing before posting here. We hoped for better results and we got them. The WBC must mean he has a cold virus (which is evident from his runny nose and cough) and don’t mean his central nervous system is affected. Great news!

Furthermore, his port access went better using a larger needle and we don’t need to think about surgery to swap out the port right now. More great news!

Not to rain on the parade...

his liver counts went up and his hemoglobin was low. He was well enough not to need a transfusion, and can continue chemo for now, but he needs to go back in two weeks for a check (instead of one month from now).  Hopefully, he bounces back. This round of steroids he is surprisingly not aggressive, and is instead tired and snuggly.  We are very happy, and very grateful, and these bumps do happen.  

Are you still reading?

If you are, you found the answer to the question on Team Naaman’s Facebook page! This round of steroids, Naaman can’t get enough of tortellini.  You never know. He wakes up from sedation a new man, requesting new delicacies each time. We are psyched that this month’s craving is easier to cook than some previous ones.

And how about them BILLS! Onward toward victory, circling the wagons...

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