ICYMI: Naaman on News 8! LP tomorrow

In case you missed it, Naaman and Resilience Gives were featured on News 8 last Wednesday!  Here is a link to watch: News 8

Naaman loved the interview and talked their ears off.  Thanks to everyone who tuned in, sent us messages and/or shared the story on social media! We ♥ Team Naaman!

Another LP attempt tomorrow.

So far his COVID test was negative and we are on schedule with his LP tomorrow (Thursday).  He has a decent cold and cough, but that doesn’t always mean he can’t go ahead. We will keep you all posted!

This LP is not his regular routine LP for chemo; it’s to check on those elevated white blood cells from November. Last month we tried to do a follow-up LP to check the WBC but he had some GI issues and wasn’t worth the risk. So here we are trying again and hopefully we can get the relief that his WBC are back down to normal.  Stay warm, Team Naaman!

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