Month: January 2021

Count check okay

 Quick update on Mr. Naaman: count check on Thursday looked good. Not amazing numbers but all happy enough to not need a chemo hold or require transfusion. We’ll take it! He’s hard at work with PT and OT. Last Thursday, he had both therapies and clinic, so he was like Jell-O and did not fight …

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Results from Thursday are back!

Naaman has to lay flat for 30 minutes after the LP to avoid a headache. Answered prayers from Naaman’s LP last Thursday: all labs show there are no cancer cells in the spinal fluid. Amen! Initially, they saw WBC (white blood cells) in the sample again, but we waited until they sent for additional testing …

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ICYMI: Naaman on News 8! LP tomorrow

In case you missed it, Naaman and Resilience Gives were featured on News 8 last Wednesday!  Here is a link to watch: News 8 Naaman loved the interview and talked their ears off.  Thanks to everyone who tuned in, sent us messages and/or shared the story on social media! We ♥ Team Naaman! Another LP attempt …

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