LP delayed

Naaman was supposed to have another LP Wednesday to check up on some elevated WBC in his last LP –  but it was postponed until next month. He had a negative COVID test but he had diarrhea and a cough, and wasn’t worth the risk of sedation, given all of his respiratory issues.  He usually needs oxygen and has had some adverse respiratory events while sedated, so the risk of sedation for the LP did not outweigh the need to check his cerebral spinal fluid for WBC again.  He isn’t showing other nervous system issues like headache, stiff neck or vomiting in the morning so the extra LP to check him can wait. 


Hulk Batman needed chemo anyway, so the trip to clinic before the Nor’ Easter was warranted. He enjoyed the Christmas movies added to the clinic movie channel, and even got to Facetime with Santa! (Thank you, Ronald McDonald House!)

His port was acting up, though, and did not improve with anti-clotting solution, so he may need a new one. That makes sense because he got the port when he was a wee little 17 month old, and now he is a giant almost four year-old! Port replacement is surgery, so hoping his port works next time we go in.

Speaking of the Nor’Easter, we got some serious snow dumped on us this week. Did you know snow and steroids don’t mix?

Merry Christmas, Team Naaman! Check our social media for more holiday cuteness!

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