Another LP next week, just in case

Happy Chanuka, friends! We just made some yummy latkes in honor of our friends celebrating this week.

How do you prefer your latkes?

Nadine prefers applesauce, Neil likes sour cream, Nicole likes any topping, and Naaman only eats potatoes shaped like dinosaurs from Aldi.


Next Thursday Naaman will need another LP, which was not planned. The last LP showed increased white blood cells in his spinal fluid.  We aren’t sure why, but hope it’s just due to the constant cold viruses he carries around,  and not something else. Please keep Cheeky in prayer Thursday morning.

Cheeky Monkey

Naaman has been working hard at physical therapy, despite more leg pain and fatigue than usual. Running in the play yard everyday at school is great exercise, too.  He was especially good last week at PT and got to climb the rock wall.

Have a safe week, Team Naaman!

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