Paying It Forward drop off

Naaman did a great job at clinic today. He made counts and was well enough to have his LP and chemo.  This makes Day 1 of Cycle 7, still rolling until November 2021. He needs oxygen every LP, but otherwise has done well breathing on his own when he is sedated.

And guess what dropped today?!

Naaman dropped off a BIG box of super cute, cozy grippy socks from Resilience Gives. You’ll have to wait for the exclusive video and photo, but here’s a sample of the box for the kids at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven! We handed some off to friends on their way to be admitted, who were delighted to have something fresh and comfy on their feet.

Happy Thanksgiving, Team Naaman! Be well.

2 thoughts on “Paying It Forward drop off”

  1. Naaman is such a strong boy. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I borrowed sweatshirt ! I swear I’ll drop it off soon. Miss you all. ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving to Naaman, Nadene, Nicole and Neil!!

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