Resuming chemo and continuing Cycle 6

Naaman made counts on Thursday to have his LP done and resume chemo, continuing along Cycle 6 of long-term maintenance. He’s been moody and sleepy (and hungry) this round of steroids.  This time it’s strawberries, orange juice, and pancakes!  We are grateful to avoid the hospital this weekend, and are trying so hard to keep him healthy.  Last fall-winter as a tough time for him with pneumonia and bronchiolitis, but now he has daily inhalers that we hope will help.

Thank you for the love and prayers, Team Naaman!

While you’re here on the interwebs, head over to and check out the new non-slip socks in the Pay It Forward Initiative! You may remember how cute, cozy and helpful the penguin slipper socks were, and how each pair purchase donates a pair to a child in the hospital.  Resilience Gives has a new line designed by childhood cancer patients like Naaman, and the sock is slimmer, soft and cozy.  And it sure helps keep the littles from slipping! Stay tuned for some footage of Mr. Naaman in his new rainbow cloud socks designed by Benji.

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