Not appendicitis

A happy Cheeky

Another whirlwind weekend at Smilow. Naaman was picked up early school Friday with a fever of 101 and abdominal pain. By the time he got home, he was 103 and miserable. He got straight into the clinic and started antibiotics.  Scans later that night showed an inflamed appendix, and surgery was scheduled for the morning.

Plot twist...

In the morning, the surgery team took one look at this happy Cheeky and decided to consult again. He sure had inflammation, but was happier than any appendectomy patient they had ever seen.  Seeing his improvement with antibiotics and a blood transfusion, as well as the fever breaking, the team decided to cancel surgery. Amen!

So what happened?!

Naaman definitely has an infection- likely typhilitis, an infection in the large intestine common in people with low immunity which will present similarly to appendicitis, initially anyway. More antibiotics and continuing to hold chemo. Until Thursday, when Naaman is scheduled for a lumbar puncture and more chemo! This was already a rescheduled LP for a missed one when he was having breathing trouble a month ago, so hoping he can get back on track with his chemo protocol.

We are so grateful for all of the love and support and prayer and well-wishes. We couldn’t do it without our community. Be well, Team Naaman!

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