Naaman admitted; Closer to Free Ride

Good morning, Team Naaman. If anyone did not yet hear, Naaman had to be admitted yesterday to start IV antibiotics and get more disciplines checking out that infected finger. He’s been there two days, and hoping for discharge today. The great news is that the team feels it is staph or strep that got under the nail and caused infection. He is fever-free and both fingers are looking better. Derm and Infectious Disease are happy with how he’ healing with the antibiotics.  

On a side note, this is his first admission since he has been potty trained. He uses the urinal or potty like a big boy, even with IV fluid hooked up! I’m impressed.

Closer to Free Ride... today!

The Closer to Free Ride, which is a huge fund source for Smilow Cancer Hospital, is today. While virtual, it is still on and the awesome riding community is out there already riding – and local businesses have coupons for them to grab stuff along the way (i.e. food, beer after the ride).  You can support Closer to Free here: Ride Closer to Free.  And it’s not too late; hop on your bike today, too.

Be well, Team Naaman!

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  1. Hang in there Chief!! You brothers and sisters at MPD are thinking about you and know that you are the strongest little guy we have ever met and we know for sure you will get through this!!! We will see you soon buddy!!

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