September 2020

Resuming chemo and continuing Cycle 6

Naaman made counts on Thursday to have his LP done and resume chemo, continuing along Cycle 6 of long-term maintenance. He’s been moody and sleepy (and hungry) this round of steroids.  This time it’s strawberries, orange juice, and pancakes!  We are grateful to avoid the hospital this weekend, and are trying so hard to keep […]

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Not appendicitis

A happy Cheeky Another whirlwind weekend at Smilow. Naaman was picked up early school Friday with a fever of 101 and abdominal pain. By the time he got home, he was 103 and miserable. He got straight into the clinic and started antibiotics.  Scans later that night showed an inflamed appendix, and surgery was scheduled

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Chemo hold and infected nails

Cheeky has hit a bump in the road with an infection. Over the weekend, two nails started bothering him, red and swollen, and he had a low grade fever. His temperature went back to normal but the nail started turning dark and it definitely was hurting him. We chatted with our oncologist and started antibiotics

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Back to School

We’re delighted to be posting about a happy, normal milestone: back to school! Naaman and Nadine enjoyed a week back to daycare and now back to school. (Nadine called her first daycare day “the best day of my life.”) While we don’t know what’s in store for Naaman or the rest of the world, we

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