Stomach bug and orthotics

Hello, Team Naaman! We hope you’re enjoying the hot humid days of summer’s (not quite) end.  Deanie and Cheeky have been practically living outside and had lots of fun with their visit from Nonni and Papa.

Last weekend, Naaman had a brief stomach bug, which thankfully passed after one tough day.  And the rest of the Johnsons were spared!

Koala observes Naaman at physical therapy.

PT has been very helpful for Naaman, building strength and correcting some compensatory things he does (i.e. the “W” sit, toe-walking).  He needs to get some inserts now for his shoes to help his feet maintain the right position, since he is turning them inward.  After all, if he is going to be a running back one day, he needs the right foundation now! (Just kidding. Maybe not kidding!) We will share some pictures of the cutest tiny orthotics once he gets them.

As always, thank you for the love and support for our family. Naaman is one blessed little boy.

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