Power is BACK for Little Hawkeye

As if we needed another reason to be grateful Naaman doesn’t need a feeding pump or nebulizer anymore… the hurricane knocked out our power for six days. The roads were blocked by down trees, poles, and power lines, so we were physically trapped on our street. When push comes to shove, our neighborhood was pretty creative at finding ways to get ice and gas (i.e. traversing the woods to a main road) and Mama’s bike trailer came in handy as a cargo pull.  But God is good and the road was passable after two days – so chemo could be delivered.  Our neighborhood did a beautiful job of helping each other and we had all the supplies we needed.  Thankfully, six days without power ins’t normal for us.

Ever changing in his love for the Avengers, now he is in Hawkeye mode.  He has had plenty of time to “practice” in the yard this past week.  

We missed PT but should be back to normal appointments this week. We hope the rest of Team Naaman has power restored, too. <3

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