Meriden Chief of Police for the Day

Chief Johnson
Reporting for duty

The Meriden Police Department put their trust in a new chief (for the day)!

Naaman and Nadine met many of the officers and leadership from MPD during the parade that Make-A-Wish held for him a few months ago. MPD decided to hold their own special day for him, a big surprise for all of us.

Honorary Chief Naaman Johnson took his oath and gave out his first orders! Detective Nadine Johnson (of course in civilian clothing as to not stand out) helped her brother carry out his duties. They received quite official-looking badges, a uniform for Cheeky, lots of swag, and Deanie even got the most unique Beauty and the Beast things I’ve ever seen (supporting her disguise of course).  Naaman’s abuelo, Russ Johnson, is a retired MPD and they recognized him, as well. 

We are speechless, for the time and planning from MPD, their families, and also some Cheshire PD who came, too! Even with pandemic restrictions in place, they made it happen.  Thank you for this huge act of generosity and love for our family.  Officer LeSage, Captain Sherwood, Chief Rosado and the entire force – thank you! 

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  1. God Bless The Meriden and Cheshire Police Departments! This brings a tear to my eye! Thank you for the many GOOD things you do that too often go unrecognized and appreciated!

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