Asthma flare ups

Gettin some chemo, watchin some Ant Man

Naaman unexpectedly started a new round of chemo today. He has been having some scary asthma flare ups -coughing, gasping for breath, wheezing -that end as suddenly as they start. When he gets a little cold virus, anyone with asthma knows it can have a bigger impact. We were so glad to make it through the weekend without an ED visit, giving him his inhaler every four hours (even overnight).  Today was a mess of either on the phone with the doctor/oncologist or going to the pediatrician/clinic to figure out the next best step for him.  

Long story short, the best option to get him steroids and antibioitics right away without messing up the chemo protocol was to just start early. Of course, we had to push off his lumbar puncture for a few weeks so that he’s safe for anesthesia, but that is all okay for the protocol.   Please pray the meds do their job and keep him from worsening. 

(And photos of cuteness because we needed to brighten your day. Someone got her hands on Chief Naaman Johnson’s uniform.)

Model patient
There's a new sheriff in town.

4 thoughts on “Asthma flare ups”

  1. We’re praying for Naaman and you too. We pray for healing of his immune system, healing of asthma and cancer. We love you. George and Gretchen

  2. We are praying I don’t know how you handle all that cuteness between Naaman’s sweet little face and Nadine’s salute standing at attention! We love you. Praying God’s healing over Naaman and strength for the whole family.

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