August 2020

Thrush, not the bird

Cheeky had a tough bout with steroids this time around, complaining of leg pain, low energy, super emotions.  However, he had been crying and complaining his “mouth was gross” frequently through the days – lo and behold, he’s got thrush, likely from the inhaler. He’s got some fungal meds and we hope his mouth is […]

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Asthma flare ups

Gettin some chemo, watchin some Ant Man Naaman unexpectedly started a new round of chemo today. He has been having some scary asthma flare ups -coughing, gasping for breath, wheezing -that end as suddenly as they start. When he gets a little cold virus, anyone with asthma knows it can have a bigger impact. We

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Stomach bug and orthotics

Hello, Team Naaman! We hope you’re enjoying the hot humid days of summer’s (not quite) end.  Deanie and Cheeky have been practically living outside and had lots of fun with their visit from Nonni and Papa. Last weekend, Naaman had a brief stomach bug, which thankfully passed after one tough day.  And the rest of

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Power is BACK for Little Hawkeye

As if we needed another reason to be grateful Naaman doesn’t need a feeding pump or nebulizer anymore… the hurricane knocked out our power for six days. The roads were blocked by down trees, poles, and power lines, so we were physically trapped on our street. When push comes to shove, our neighborhood was pretty

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