PT teletherapy and Cycle 5 coming up

Hi, Team Naaman.  It’s been quiet on the blog but no news is good news sometimes, right? 

Physical Therapy at home

For the time being Naaman will participate in therapy sessions at home.  Teletherapy with a three year-old is about as interesting as you imagine, but our PT is really engaging. Hershey kisses and an enthusiastic big sister also help.

Cycle Five starting soon

On Thursday, Naaman is scheduled to start Cycle Five of long-term maintenance, which includes a lumbar puncture (LP), steroid pulse for five days, and resuming his clinical trial drug.  This round should include an increase in dosage, too.  In order for the cycle to start, her needs to 1. make counts just like always and 2. test negative for COVID-19, since he will be sedated for the LP.  The test needs to be 24 hours or less prior to sedation so sometime Wednesday we will head to a testing site. Please keep Naaman in prayer so we can get the show on the road!

Let's light this candlestick.

We hope you didn’t miss the launch on Saturday. Our astronauts have been very busy preparing and preparing again.


Check out Resilience Gives podcast!

Resilience Gives now has a podcast! These are stories of hope and encouragement from people affected by cancer. Positive, uplifting, and eye-opening.  Also episodes are about 15-20 minutes so you can get through on a short break from work or on a walk!  Check it out here: podcast

Be well, Team Naaman!

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