Cycle 5 started

Counts (for chemo) were all good to start!

The gang's all here, waiting for Naaman to wake up!

Naaman fared better fasting than we imagined (Amen) but had low blood sugar when we got to clinic.  He got some sugars to boost him up and all other counts needed looked good (ANC, hemoglobin, platelets).  As always, he needed oxygen during the LP.  His daily inhaler is helping, though, because he had less trouble breathing than he usually does.

The only tricky part was some liver enzymes have spiked, so we won’t increase his chemo doses right now.  We will get a blood draw in two weeks, also.  It’s an unusual spike, but wouldn’t draw much attention if it weren’t that he had liver failure last year.  But overall, a smooth day and looking forward to chemo at home, playing with his sister. Thanks for prayer, Team Naaman!

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  1. Hard to believe it has been two years. As always, my heart and my prayers are with you and all you wonderful Johnsons! I think of you when someone whines about not being able to have breakfast at a restaurant, or go see a movie during the quarantine. I do not judge them because I am a whiner sometimes too.

    But for you, the “New Normal” began in July 2018. I thank God that he placed Naaman in a family that has found strength and love to manage this illness and pass that love and strength to their children and others.

    I love you,

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